Wednesday, July 14, 2010

God is Good to the Shipwright Shop

Working in the shop with earplugs on; I don't hear much going on around my shop. My wife was hearing alot of rustling around; spooking her. Come to find out I have mice in my shop!

My wife has a ornery cat up in North Florida named Thorn. I thought he would make a great mouser for my wood shop. She, however, disagreed not wanting to uproot a 12 year old cat.

We decided to head out to the 10,000 islands South Florida one weekend a stow away slipped through the large wooden doors to my shop. Through 100 degree temperatures in the shop with no food, or water, this small creature about 5 inches short hung out until we returned.

A gift from God? Perhaps. We are going to call him "Slayer".