Monday, June 6, 2011

The Launch

The Shipwright Shop, Inc.  had a celebration yesterday, the launching of Mystery Mike's wooden sailing dingy.   Hand-made and hand-crafted by Mike.  Mike has shown a rare gift and talent for wood working and was now able to share it with us all in launching his boat, "Mystery."

Was the Shipwright Shop celebrating the fact Mike finally finished his boat?  No.  Were we celebrating the gorgeous beaches on a Sunday afternoon at Sanibel Island?  No.

We were celebrating the launching of ourselves into that sweet pool of humanity and having a good time.  We were all united in a calm, happy gathering within a circle of beautiful people.  In attendance were new acquaintances, old friends, and people we haven't seen for awhile due to the corruption of "busy-ness" in the workplace arena.

There were glances, smiles, laughter, hand shakes, fellowship, sharing, hugging, kissing, nodding, agreements, and the abundance of food. We were celebrating relationships between a myriad of different people.

Thanks so much to Captain David T. Bickel for his teaching skills and willingness to begin the Mentoring Project, thanks so much to John F, for providing the pictures for the youtube of the launching, and thanks so much for Katie, who put a lot of effort into the planning, and the food for the pure Joy of seeing her husband, Mike's happiness in his completed project.

The Launching youtube here: Mystery Mike