Thursday, December 15, 2011

Come and Gone!

Another unique character walked into The Shipwright Shop one day. Let's just say his initials are KW. Interesting enough, as he came for advice on how to build a kayak, but Capt. David T. put sand paper in his hand and made him help smooth out the wood grain of the SUP board he was building. More interesting, KW came back for more, so David gave him a job. He has had some boat work experience, an avid hunter, hiker, kayaker, according to his facebook page, anyway, and now a very good mountain biker! As any carpenter, experienced or not, he found out that Marine Carpentry goes beyond the bounds of the simple task of squaring off corners! Marine carpentry pushes the wood to do what wood normally would not do, or be. The shaping, and the bending of wood to create something beautiful..elegant, curvy and graceful is a passion and an art.

Well, this young man worked with us for a few months, we decided he needed a proper nickname, we waited for one to arise. Alas, to our loss he got a job with a biogenetics warehouse, he has a wife and wonderful young son to support. We miss him, but know he is in good hands. If you see him, he will be the one walking around checking inventory, you will know him not just by his long beard, proudly worn, but he will be the one wearing the brand new leather tool belt with a measuring stick in it's proper place.

By the way, we did get a nickname for him. We call him, "The Rabbi."

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